How to shop your jewelry box

While it might seem counter intuitive for a company that sells jewelry to write about how to repurpose and style pieces that you already own we have always been big believers in using what you have and adding pieces to your collection when your adding something into your wardrobe or home that adds value not just to consume another product.

Styling pieces you already own is not only a great way to save money, but it also allows you to create unique and personalized outfits. By mixing and matching items from your wardrobe, you can create endless new looks without having to buy new clothes. Plus, it's a sustainable, reducing waste and promoting conscious consumption.

We love when we see someone who truly has their own sense of personal style and that comes with experimenting and playing with pieces you own and trying them on in new and unexpected ways.

For example most jewelry lovers have a chunky chain and hoop earrings in their collection. One unexpected way you can style these jewelry essentials is using the hoops as pendants. Snap a pair or multiple pairs of hoop earrings onto the chain  ( in this example we are using on hoops with our Workhorse chain) to make a new fun statement necklace. 

We also love to take a statement ring and a cotton scarf and slip a ring onto it to make a unique “bolo” style scarf necklace. We especially like to use a big band style of ring like our Pentameter ring for this look, but you can use any size or style of ring that suits you and your style the best.

Another fun styling “hack” is to go to your local hardware or tack store and pursue the aisles. I love finding new ways to wear items that are not meant to be worn as accessories. I personally wear a set of brass D rings that I got at my local hardware store for a dollar a piece and I constantly get asked where I got my ring from. At a tack store I bought a large brass horse bit to make a belt buckle out of.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. So head to your jewelry box or hardware store get inspired have fun coming up with new ways to wear what you already own.  Of course if you prefer to use some of our pieces we won’t stop you!

Until next time keep shining  on

xo Kim